Legal information

This web-site, domain and information on this site is owned and managed by Globus International LP (company number SL029007, registered address: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, G2 4JR). Globus International LP is operating this web-site under trade name “Sirius Consulting”. Terms “Sirius Consulting”, “us” or “we” refers to the owner of this web-site, the term “you” refers to the user or viewer of this web-site, terms “customer”, “client” refer to the actual or potential customer of Sirius Consulting. This web-site contains information written both in English and in Russian languages, wherein Russian language version should prevail.

Terms and conditions of services

(A) Payment for services.
We provide our services pre-payment basis. We strive to provide the most precise information about our services, about the methods and the time of service delivery. You have the right to receive full and complete information about our services in writing or orally to your liking. Services must be pre-paid within 10 business days (unless otherwise agreed in writing) on the basis of electronically issued invoice.

(B) Services provided.
Under the services that we offer to get through this web site we understand following consulting, legal services, or complexes of such services:

(1) Different jurisdiction company incorporation services are provided by us as agents with respect to our customers. If necessary, we use the third-party services from certified registration offices, law firms, private-practicing lawyers, etc.

(2) The opening of accounts in financial institutions is provided by us as agents with respect to our customers and as agents with respect to third parties, namely, the financial institutions. We reserve the right to receive remuneration for services rendered from both our customers and from third parties mentioned here.

(3) Services for the and in the e-commerce business are provided by us with our own expertise, and with the involvement of third parties, namely, the actual executors of technical specifications and legal projects. Implementing these services we can act as an agent in relation to our customers, and also as a partner, which implies a different form of payment and contractual relationship, rather than set in paragraph (A) of these Terms and conditions of services.

(C) Communication.
Sirius Consulting and client can exchange documents and information by e-mail and physical (express) mail. We can send invoices and other financial documents as attachments to email. Sirius Consulting and the client must keep all evidence of communications, instructions, accounts and documents as evidence. We should be able to contact the customer at any time during working hours and days. Customer also agrees to immediately inform us of any changes in its contact telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses.

(D) Customers.
Sirius Consulting accepts customers of all nationalities except citizens of the two countries listed by Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) in the list of high-risk countries: North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Sirius Consulting reserves the right to refuse any and/or all of the services supplied without an explanation, if a waiver is obtained from third parties, which Sirius Consulting is engaged with for the purpose of providing services to client. Sirius Consulting cannot take responsibility for such failures.

(E) Legal purposes.

Customer agrees not to use Sirius Consulting services for any illegal purposes, and frees Sirius Consulting from any consequences of a breach of this paragraph.

(F) Legal Advice.

Whilst Sirius Consulting pursuits to ensure true and correct information through all the services provided, it should not be considered as legal advice provision. When receiving our services you agree that you have taken all necessary tax and legal advice concerning corresponding services.

Privacy policy

We respect privacy of our customers and this web-site visitors. When you are visiting this web-site and/or communicating with us through this web-site, we do not collect any personally identifying information, unless you submit such information of your own free will.

This web-site may collect non-personal information to monitor web-traffic and visitor’s behavior for statistical and analytical purposes only. We take all measures necessary to protect the confidentiality and security of this data. We do not provide or sell any part of this information to third parties except those who host and run our web-site.

When ordering our services either through this web-site, or by means of other electronic and/or analog channels available on or accessible through this web-site, you agree that information necessary for the execution of the order (primarily information requested in compliance with KYC and AML/CTF policies and procedures), may be requested by us and then be transferred to the third parties mentioned in clauses (B)(1), (B)(2) and (B)(3) of the Terms and conditions of services written on this web-site.

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time without prior notice.

KYC/AML/CTF policy

Activities of Sirius Consulting are not regulated or supervised in any country. However, Sirius Consulting has its own policy of combating money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing (CTF).

Providing services to its customers Sirius Consulting implements an approach based on risk assessment using the principles of due diligence, identification, if needed, as well as customer verification through the principle of “know your client” (KYC). Sirius Consulting may apply principles of “know your client” (KYC) requested from end-customer by third party, either service provider of financial institution. Sirius Consulting also implements enhanced caution dealing with those customers who may be at higher risk (e.g. politically exposed persons).

All employees of Sirius Consulting, including those having sufficient experience in the financial industry, which requires confirmation of relevant qualification, are regularly trained on the subject of evaluation and monitoring of AML/CTF risks.

Social responsibility

We strongly believe that any business should set high goals for success. These goals are not the growth of the economic value and profit of the company, but the universal values that the company must multiply and which it must share with the surrounding world and society through the implementation of honest, helping, forgiving, peaceful and serene business practices. That is why our company is constantly moving towards these goals, defending the concepts of corporate social responsibility.